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Customized and personalized
ads and content with context


Status Quo:

- The diversity of digital media platforms and the amount of content offering distraction makes it hard for brands to draw in consumers’ attention

- Life cycle of ads in digital channels shrinks to days

- Context strongly helps to draw attention to content

- The countless amount of aspect ratios and lengths of moving images for banners and special ad formats spirals up postproduction time and costs

- Adaptation of global campaigns exponentiates the amount of versions produced


While more ads need to be produced for the increasing amount of media channels, in numerous formats – for a shorter life cycle, in less time – advertising budgets and manpower in agencies and marketing departments do not necessarily increase accordingly.

So how can we ensure the production of countless moving assets meeting today’s high-quality standards in less time with the same budgets?

Our solution:

A commercial not just created for a whole target audience, but customized for each individual customer based on socio-demographic data. The film can even be personalized by direct approach or include references to key words from the most current search engine entries.

On the following pages you will learn more about the production of customized, contextual and personalized advertising and content, how the latest technology can help to speed up the process, and why it does not increase the advertising budget – STRONGER - FASTER - BETTER!

what we do

What is customized advertising and why it’s STRONGER

The data available nowadays for clients’ target groups allows for all kinds of detailed segmentation.

Think about the possibility of not being forced to please everyone – something that often results in diminishing the power of creativity. We can produce hundreds of different edits, with each of them perfectly matching the segmented target group. Can´t decide whether a woman or a man is the right choice to feature your product? No problem. We’ll come up with one version featuring a man and one featuring a woman.

Let´s imagine you’re in charge of an automotive brand and you want to communicate that your car is both sporty and family-friendly.

That’s easy. We’ll create one edit featuring sporty driving scenes and one edit featuring the great trunk volume and space for passengers in the rear of the car. There are no limits to the number of splits for target groups or the number of resulting edits that can happen.


What is personalized advertising and why it’s STRONGER

The data available from your customers allows you to personally address them, even in videos. Integrating your customer’s name in writing or even through direct speech in a personal video can be fully automated. You could even address new customers with sponsored ads with the data available from social media platforms.

Think about the power of an ad with a celebrity talking directly to you in a video, automatically playing back when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed!

But the possibilities are not just limited to directly addressing your customer: Think about making use of GPS data on mobile phones to guide them to your local dealer.

Or a fast food chain that might want to show them breakfast, lunch or dinner options depending on the time of day. Weather conditions could be used, and even combinations of all the options – the possibilities are truly endless.

use of context

What is content linked to context and why it’s STRONGER

Content is nothing without context! You can raise interest for your product by linking it to actual events.

Imagine you just searched for “Brexit“ on the web and subsequently see a commercial popping up referring to your search, or the latest Champions League winner or this year’s Academy Awards winner, for example. You can adjust the selling line in your commercial for hundreds of actual events to give it more relevance.

Through our partners we can already offer to automate the integration of new headlines, make adjustments within one hour, and release new versions on air.

Possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

how we do it

How can the production workflow be FASTER compared to classic advertising?

We bet you just asked yourself how your agency or marketing team should manage the supervision of such a vast amount of versions. Versions that need to be produced in different formats, lengths, and might even need to be adapted into other languages for other countries. All these factors multiply the number of copies – needed to be produced and approved – into thousands.

The answer is partially automated and on-demand production.

In collaboration with your creative and data analysis teams, we will work out an editing tree map to map out the possible versions. This editing tree diagramm, along with the film snippets produced in a modular system, need to be approved by all stakeholders – but each finalized version does not. The editable versions will be produced in a manner that only one audio track for each length can match all copies. Supers will be integrated as per your needs in an AI-supported, automated, editing process. V/O in different languages can be added by digitalized text to speech software in the near future. Learn more about how technology can support the process in our “The technology we use“ section and why it is FASTER than the common process.


How does it affect the budget?

We’re aware of the fact that advertising budgets don´t grow according to the amount of assets that need to be produced.

At the same time we want to guarantee the highquality production standards that you’re used to.

Customized commercials will result in BETTER conversion rates, as coverage waste tends to be around zero.

Personalization and integration of context will make multiple exposure redundant (net coverage = gross coverage). Both will significantly lower media spendings, which will more than offset the additional costs for production.


All communication and data sharing will be easily handled via our proprietary cloudbased project management tool.

With the start of each project, all stakeholders will be given a link to our online Project Management tool that can be accessed via web or our smartphone and tablet app. Everything from storyboards and shooting boards to casting, location scouting, art direction, and beyond can be reviewed and updated at any time, while selections can be made and approval links automatically distributed. Finally, a summary report with all production content can be automatically generated.

Of course the system is TISAX certified to meet the highest IT-security standards.

Even the call sheet during the shoot is completely digital and interactive. Simply look up, call or text any team member at the touch of a button. Find all information on hotels, locations, flights, transportation, etc. in the app on your smartphone. It links all given locations with your navigation app and even provides shortcuts to check in to your flights. Simply an alldigital production solution as you would expect to have in 2020.


Customization requires a modular production approach.

Modular production often comes along with an increased amount of different locations.

Imagine you are the brand manager of a hair coloring product and want to show your model with blond hair on a white beach in the Caribbean, your model with red hair on a sand dune in the Sahara, and your model with black hair on a rocky location in Iceland.

Time and/or money might often kill this idea. But with the use of the latest technology in production we can make it happen.

The virtual studio recently gained fame thanks to Disney’s Star Wars series “The Mandalorian,“ which made use of it to a large extent.

Knowing that this technology could boost the realization of customized ads, we were happy to execute the first shoot ever in Europe’s largest Virtual Studio – the “Hyper Bowl“.

We can offer a vast range of expertise with this technology and are happy to dive deep to find the perfect solution for your needs together with our partner.

As the Hyper Bowl is situated at the fair in Munich, the studio provides a safe shooting environment in line with COVID-19 rules and regulations.


16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 9:16 just to mention a fraction of the aspect ratios that you need to deliver on.

We know about the discussions between director, DOP, client, and creatives on delivering the same quality for all aspect ratios without doubling times and costs for shooting and post-production. That’s why we developed an aspect-neutral production workflow in cooperation with DOPs and post-production companies that allow for highquality shots that work in all aspect ratios without cutting off the content or product.


Why spend money on post-production for hundreds of versions if only a fraction of them is really used on air in the end? The editing tree map that we will develop for each project allows the production and approval of scenes/modules, rather than complete edits.

Once those are approved, we will make sure that the transition works seamlessly and that you won’t need your team to approve hundreds of versions since the versions will only be produced on demand via our post-production partner’s online tool.

Furthermore, we can even apply this technology for automated adaptation to other countries. Supers can be integrated automatically and in the near future even voice-overs can be integrated with Text-To- Speech (TTS) software by using synthesized voices in any given language.


When it comes to hundreds or even thousands of versions being produced, just stacking up manpower alone won’t do it.

Our post-production partner is experienced in utilizing Artificial Intelligence to support the editing process in order to streamline the workload of the editor and to speed up the output of versions.

Each scene will be categorized right at the shoot to help AI to identify and sort through the scenes as well as edit the film automatically. It also allows for idiom-based editing which is able to generate alternative editing styles at the touch of a button.

For the production of documentaries or other dialog driven content, AI can even help to transcribe hours and hours of footage, such as on-camera interview material, for example, making a quick full-text search throughout the entire rushes possible.

We work in close contact with our post-production partner to utilize the technology in other parts of the post-production process, such as automated versioning and adaptation.


In cooperation with our post-production partner and social media management tools like Facelift Cloud, we can offer direct publishing of assets across all social media channels straight after completion. At the touch of a button via our partner’s online postproduction approval tool. Within a matter of hours.


We are keen on breaking new ground in creative innovative, and unseen storytelling with you.

We will always keep on looking into new, innovate ways to further integrate state-of-the-art technologies into the production workflow.

Our focus is not only on speeding up the process and making it align with today’s fast-paced society. We also want to make life easier for all involved talents and let them devote their energy where it matters – into the creative process.

the people behind

We are an association of creative film production professionals founded by Tim Greven and Hannes Heidenreich in 2020.

We help agencies and brands generate customized and personalized ads with context for the digital world, while offering production support from planning out execution concepts to automated delivery across digital social media and video platforms.

Over two decades in the business, Tim’s producing career began in Düsseldorf at one of the world´s biggest agency networks

Since then he has worked as a producer for agencies and production companies, as well as editor at a broadcasting station. As the Head of TV at J. Walter Thompson Germany and Team Cosmo Europe, Tim oversaw the European and Global productions for the automotive brand Mazda over the course of a decade.

Hannes is a natural born entrepreneur: At the age of 18 he started his first business – a snowboard and skate store – and the first online shop of its kind in Germany.

Although it was always clear to him that he would never go on to become a management consultant or banker, he still embarked on the journey to get a respectable business degree.

Hannes has been loyal to the film production industry since 2001: From production driver to producer assistant, then to production manager, freelance producer and finally to founder and managing director of the commercial production company, Stereo Films.

Stereo Films, based in Munich, has been successful on the market since 2013 and produces films, commercials and content, both online and offline. As a producer, Hannes has been responsible for many creative, award-winning productions, such as the popular viral campaign for the client BVG. Other key clients include BMW, and FC Bayern.

Over the course of two decades in the business, Hannes has built up a valuable wealth of experience and has witnessed and shaped the development of commercial production. A good eye for emerging trends and the courage to embrace change have always been key to Hannes's success. This mindset is what connects Hannes and Tim – and is the reason they founded Whizkid! They have joined forces to combine their expertise of creative agencies and marketing with that of film production.


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